The Wedding Magician For Your Special Day

You're getting married, congratulations!​​


How can you make your Wedding Day even more special?  Not just for you but also your guests?


Reading the next few paragraphs will cause you to realise just how 'The Wedding Magician' can contribute to the atmosphere of your day and help you put a smile on EVERYONE'S face.


Quite often at weddings the problem is keeping everyone happy.  Guests can wait a long time while the photos are being taken and during the pre-meal drinks.  Also two families and many guests will be meeting each other for the first time and sometimes the conversation can be a little strained.  On top of all that you're going to be rather busy and wrapped up in the celebrations to be everywhere at once.  So how can you keep everyone entertained as well as break down the barriers and encourage everyone to enjoy the celebrations? 


Leave it to 'The Wedding Magician'.  John Hotowka


John Hotowka is acclaimed for the variety, wit and humour in his performances. He is widely acknowledged as being one of the most engaging entertainers and close-up magicians in the UK. 


He is a seasoned performer and his understanding of his clients' needs is absolutely dazzling.  Which is why many couples have chosen John to add that extra touch of magic that has made their occasion very special.


Your guests will not only be amazed  but also laugh out loud as they become engrossed with the warmth of his personality as mini miracle after mini miracle unfold before their very eyes.  Imagine how good you’ll feel when your guests enjoy the experience and remember your wedding long after it's over.


John's individual entertainment style will create just the right mood and more importantly put your guests at ease and delight them.  So why not contact 'The Wedding Magician' now to discuss your needs or advice on getting the most from an entertainer.  Quotations will be given without obligation.  Who knows?  He might put a smile on your face even before the big day. 


Extracts from the many letters of thanks 


"All the guests have mentioned the fantastic magic you showed them and their fun has been captured in many photos.  It was great to remember all the laughter you created.  Many thanks for helping create our perfect day.


Helen & Matthew Skinner 


"You really added an extra bit of sparkle to our perfect day"


Rebecca & Chris Nezeri



"Thank you for helping to make our daughter’s wedding day special. Everyone was so impressed with your magic...    we cannot thank you enough."


Sylvia & John Diggle

"Thank you so much for making my daughter's wedding so magical.  You left us all with so many wonderful memories.  Thank you so very much."


Margaret & Bill Mercrate-Butcher



"Karen and I would like to express our appreciation for your excellent contribution to our wedding. You left our guests laughing with your humour and buzzing with amazement at the very clever tricks; what a great way to get everybody talking and relaxed."


 Karen & Mike McKim



"It would be an understatement to say you were a hit … everybody but everybody thoroughly enjoyed your very special ‘touch of magic’."


Geraldine & Bill Collie



"My friend who gets married next year was so impressed, she has now decided she wants a magician at her wedding too!  Ideally YOU!  Once again thank you - you helped to make the day truly amazing."


Joanne & Darren Ellison


Chat with John?

The Wedding Magician is Yorkshire based and works nationally and internationally so, why not contact John Hotowka now for a no obligation quote. 


He might just put a smile on your face.




07940 258184




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